“Identity is cause; 
brand is effect.”

Larry Ackerman

Branding is the first step to being seen as well as heard and that starts with you, as your partner and crime we will look over, create and review contracts on your behalf. Providing a legal consultation from our lawyers onto your business. Responsible for drafting and notarizing documents such as contracts, notices, Cease & Desist and so on. Taking control of your obstacle is a priority that should be mastered in every business.

Managing your exposure is crucial to the success and advancements of your future. we offer operational officers and advisers who can rule on the behalf of you and lead you and your business to the finish line, allowing you to focus on the the next level of your business. Its all about advancing and moving forward aggressively as possible.

We will not be anyone's second choice and neither should you! Be recognized as a force to be wrecking with the partnership of our marketing and management department, helping real talent, art and business be seen from the perspective of the creator. 

Building a foundation for what you love is the most important factor of the success you or your business could encounter. Here at J GoldLine your interest become ours and you are assigned your own agent who is solely responsible for your success.


“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

What Do We DO?

J GoldLine & Assoc, Inc. is a business management firm​, who insures success to your business, sales, and marketing. We assign your business an agent who takes full responsibility for matters that maybe included into your package such as Recruiting, Termination of employees, keeping records up to 8 years depending on contracts, Helping set up small business from the name, logo, EIN & Legal entity structure. 

We take life by the horns and show you how to ride it into success, providing a 30 minute consultation to every new on boarding client. We understand the "Cant sleep until it done" work ethic and we're right there with you, providing 24 hours of support and one on one conversation with your agent.

Did you know your business agent can take your place when your needing of a break? Our responsibility is to understand your role as a business owner to its entirety, that includes how you conduct your day to day task in your business, who you meet with and or conduct business with before the business day begins and ends. Store runs? Its done! Dont worry, we will take it from here boss.

Why Choose Us

Our Board of directors will be in charge of insuring that the proper actions are taken to mange and assist you and your business in a tasteful manner and carried out with the determination and  ambition. Every Business receives priority in our business, helping you understand possible opportunity loss and how you can avoid the same mistakes that business owners make everyday day.

J GoldLine & Assoc, Inc. supplies its business clients with 30mins legal consultation, Financial Advisers to help understand fundamentals such as profit and loss, We provide

Strategizing is one of many important steps in building a strong and successful foundation for yourself and your company. Using our professional advisers, you will be provided a entire layout of the most beneficial route to achieve your accomplishments. 

3333 Piedmont Rd NE.

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Atlanta, GA 30305

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