J GoldLine & Assoc, Inc. is a Parent company that will soon manage several businesses through its firm headquarters located in Atlanta, Ga


J GoldLine believes that business and customer relations is a skill that must be mastered, with the support and knowledge of those who's already mastered its components. "What's a game of chest with out the pawns? knights, castles and rooks? Kings and queens cant make it too far without the nobles. Point is, relation is the key to success in the world of business. 

This same thinking allowed us to produce a company that will continue to climb with or with out his leadership, potentially Sacrificing his dreams of being the kind of independent businessman that his father is. J GoldLine & its Business components have the same goals, grow with our clients, business partners and employees.


Marketing, Public relations, Business administration and organization management is the heart of the J GoldLine & Assoc firm, this allows our company to transition and be flexibility between our other businesses and investments. The Gold Leaders of Atlanta is a mentorship program that will begin in 08/20/2019 for all Atlanta public School here in the city of Atlanta. Building internship programs here in the city of Atlanta is important to our business and student futures.


Amari C. Johnson

Founder & CEO

Amari C. Johnson is a author based in Atlanta. Ga with  experience in executive management and business consulting. Amari is actively building his company’s structure as he seeks to branch into turning his S-corp into an investing powerhouse featuring companies built, created and ran by his team. he has a reputation for being a creative problem solver with impeccable oral and written communication skills. Amari is a strong team leader with extensive experience coaching and developing successful sales professionals and other key staff.


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